Please Note :- Pavtan Aata is only a form of Ayurvedic nutritional diet that may help cancer patients. Pavtan Food products do not claim that our diet assists in curing cancer.

About Pavtan Cancer Care Diet

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Diet and Nutrition is very important parts for patients who suffering from cancer. Shree navgrah ashram uses ayurveda to treat diseases like cancer and have come up with pavtan food products based on it. The Cancer Care Atta ensures a balanced diet for the patients and helps them fight cancer by eliminating cancer-causing cells. Thousands of patients have benefited from the products and remedies which clearly makes it one of the best Ayurvedic cancer care diet for cancer patients.

Why Choose Pavtan Diet?

Pavtan diet products areg the result of intensive research based on Ayurveda and state-of-the-art medical practices. The food products not only provide the essential nourishment to the body but also assist in the healing process of the patient.

It is evident in the ayurvedic texts that proper diet and nourishment can heal a disease single-handedly but without proper food, not even hundreds of medicines can provide a cure. And therefore, Pavtan created a balanced and sattvic diet for people suffering from cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure patients and kidney ailments.

Pavtan health diet is a 100% pure diet that is prepared under expert supervision right from yielding to packaging. It has benefitted thousands of patients and has absolutely no side effects.

With the grace of god, the pavtan aata has cured many patients and provided them with various health benefits.

We hope that the products continue benefitting people and healing them.

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