Cancer Remedy in Ayurveda

Out of many ways to treat cancer, the ayurvedic approach is the holistic one. It not only focuses on the malignancy area but the entire system. It requires the whole organisms to be in harmony for permanent cancer remedy. It focuses on the fact that the body is completely purified of all the toxins to avoid the cells from attacking again.      

Therefore, the ayurvedic remedy for cancer in India includes switching to the detoxifying diet along with some herbs that have blood cleansing properties. It requires the patient to control his diet. Many studies in ayurvedic science reveal that the consumption of cereals should be minimum for a cancer patient. So the question arises, what is the best diet for cancer patients?  

Best Remedy for Cancer  Patients

Well, keeping the specific dietary needs of cancer patients in mind, Pavtan aarogya aahar is prepared that will help you fight the disease effectively. It is an Ayurvedic cancer care aata (flour) that is prepared following the lines of Ayurvedic literature and with state of the art medical practices. It contains a mixture of 6 different cancer-killing foods with amazing anti-cancer properties.

This aata (flour) contains amaranth that has libcesik acid that effectively kills cancerous cells. Also, it has green gram which also has great properties to fight against this dangerous disease. Other than that, it contains singhara (water chestnut), kuttu (buckwheat), saanva and ragi that are helpful in treating this disease. This is ready to eat the food of which only 100 grams of flour is enough to complete your dietary needs for one time. Pavtan aarogya aahar also effectively reduce the side-effects of radiations that the chemo patients suffer.    

Importance of a Relieved Mind

Other than a specific diet, a relaxed mind is also a crucial aspect of Ayurveda for effective and fast cancer remedy. By deeply involving yourself in the art of meditation, yoga, pranayama, and spiritual philosophy, you can enjoy the best benefits of this remedy that also focus on restoring a healthy digestive function and rejuvenating through rasayanas.