Please Note :- Pavtan Aata is only a form of Ayurvedic nutritional diet that may help cancer patients. Pavtan Food products do not claim that our diet assists in curing cancer.

Food for Diabetics

Diabetes and its Effects

Diabetes is basically a carbohydrate metabolism disorder in which your body is either unable to produce insulin or cannot respond to the insulin effectively. Thus, the body is not able to maintain proper sugar (glucose) levels in the blood. The common problems that a diabetes patient suffers include weakness, dizziness, blurred vision, swelling in the feet, increased appetite and more. In some extreme cases, it can even lead to complete loss of vision and affect your kidney and heart health as well.

The problems with developing diabetes is that it can never be completely cured, no matter what treatment you take, its lifelong. However, it can definitely be controlled or go in remission mode only if you choose your diet and lifestyle habits judiciously. Diet is a prime factor that can decide how healthy a diabetic person can live. Therefore, if you are looking for the best food for diabetic patients, Pavtan aarogya ahaar should be your first choice.

Pavtan Ayurvedic Diet for the Diabetics

Both Ayurveda and medical science say that diabetes can be controlled by taking a balanced diet. Therefore, with the help of some natural and highly effective foods and herbs to control diabetes, Pavtan brings you a healthy diabetes care aata (flour) prepared from the ingredients having low glycine index. Low glycine index foods help prevent the increase of of sugar in the body and support the insulin glands to properly digest glucose in the body.  

Pavtan aarogya ahaar, by all means, is the best food for sugar patients to keep your blood sugar level in control and thus, helping you lead a normal life. This aata contains a mix of wheat, barley, gram, jowar (sorghum) and fenugreek to let you eat healthy and feel fulfilled with a feeling of satiety. This diet gives you the daily dose of vitamins, minerals and proteins essential for a diabetes patient.

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