Please Note :- Pavtan Aata is only a form of Ayurvedic nutritional diet that may help cancer patients. Pavtan Food products do not claim that our diet assists in curing cancer.

Kidney Care Food

Kidney and it's functioning

Kidneys are the vital organ in a human body, malfunctioning of which can cause various diseases and even prove to be fatal for the patient in an extreme case. There are two kidneys in the body and their primary function is to filter waste products from the blood. These are also responsible for the management of blood pressure, red blood cells production and electrolyte balance in the body.

There are several factors responsible for poor kidney functioning including blood pressure problem, certain medications, urinary tract problem, poorly controlled diabetes, and others. Some common signs of kidney problems include general weakness, swelling, weight loss, frequent urination, muscle cramps, shortness of breath, fatigue, and others. However, before the situation goes out of your hand, it’s crucial that your take preventive measure right now to assure a healthy functioning of kidneys in your body.        

Pavtan Ayurvedic diet for kidney health

There is no doubt in the fact that what you eat shows on your face and determines your health. Therefore, if you are already a kidney patient or your body is showing some initial signs of developing this problem, switch your regular diet with special kidney care foods and secure your health. To help you in this, Pavtan aarogya ahaar brings you the special kidney care aata which is specially prepared to keep all the nutrition needs of the kidney patient in mind.    

A kidney patient’s diet should have low sodium and low potassium. But, at the same time, it is important that the food they are consuming should help in the formation of excess urine in the body. Passing out urine in excess can help in the fast treatment of kidney problems. Following the same theory, Pavtan aarogya ahaar is prepared which is a perfect mix of low sodium and low potassium foods to meet the nutritional needs and benefit the kidney patient. This kidney care aata is made from barley which effectively regulates the proper amount of urine in the kidneys and fulfills the daily dietary needs of the patient.

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