Ayurvedic Measures to Get Rid of Smoking

Ayurvedic Measures to Get Rid of Smoking

Lifestyle is an important factor in the formation of many types of cancer. Research says that almost 40% of all cancer cases can be prevented by healthier lifestyle choices.

Smoking is the biggest preventable cause of cancer. According to Cancer Research UK, smoking  causes at least 15 different types of cancer and 7 in 10 Lung cancer cases are due to it.

According to data reported in 2014, over 480,000 people die in the USA each year from smoking cigarettes.

Thus, quitting smoking is always worthwhile. However, quitting smoking can be very daunting.

But the ancient Hindu traditional medicinal system, Ayurveda, says that the root cause of addiction is mental stress. People should try to terminate the addiction through natural and holistic methods.

Here’s how Ayurveda makes it easier to quit smoking and fastens detoxification.


Ajwain (अजवाइन)
Ajwain (अजवाइन)

One of the most common spices found in an Indian household is Ajwain and Ayurveda describes it as one of the best remedies for smoking. Taking one teaspoon of Ajwain can reduce smoke cravings thereby reducing the intake of nicotine.



Another ingredient found in almost every Indian household which has a significant effect on smoking is Cinnamon. It helps in getting rid of tobacco addiction by restricting the urge of smoking. The experts guide to chew a cinnamon to avoid/ stop the craving.

Water stored in copper vessel

Water Stored in Copper Vessel (तांबे के बर्तन में पानी संग्रहित करना)
Water Stored in Copper Vessel

Copper container used to store water works wonders if you are trying to quit tobacco addiction. Drinking a lot of water from a copper container can help reduce tobacco addiction and removes the toxins from the body.

Basil leaves

Basil Leaves (तुलसी के पत्ते)
Basil Leaves (तुलसी के पत्ते)

Ayurveda is known for natural ingredients and one of them is basil leaves. Eating 2-3 leaves every morning can reduce the ill-effects of smoking and reduces tobacco addiction.

Additional Ayurvedic Remedies:

  1. To stop cigarette cravings, keep a mixture of Sitopaladi powder, Amalaki, Ginger and Turmeric in the mouth.
  2. Perform the Neti Kriya (inhaling saline water through one nostril and releasing it through the other and then reversing the procedure).
  3. Performing the Bhastrika Pranayama twice every day, both in the morning and at night.
  4. Consume one teaspoon of Triphala everyday before going to bed, to eliminate the deposited nicotine tar in your system.
  5. Consumption of a measured mixture of ashwagandha, bala, shatavari and ginseng every day, or a chyawanprash containing these help in detoxification.

With the right form of treatment and by keeping yourself in a positive frame of time, it is definitely possible to stick to your decision and completely quit smoking.

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