Diet Essentials That Help Fight Cancer

Cancer is a heinous disease which is becoming common day by day. In order to prevent cancer from growing and spreading, it is important to consider a healthy diet plan. Some nutrients can help us prevent cancer. According to Nutritionists and doctors adding a good amount of Buckwheat, Millet, Amaranth, Typha and Green gram to your diet plan can make your life a lot healthier.

Check These Healthy Diet Listed Below That Help Cancer Patients.


Buckwheat is a type of a seed which is rich in phytochemicals. These phytochemicals include Rutin which do have anti-angiogenic activity which reduces the number of tumors. It also includes resistance fiber which helps control weight by reducing food cravings. This prevents the growth of stomach cancer. It reduces inflammation and controls blood sugar. Buckwheat also fights breast and liver cancer.


Another food that must be added to your diet plan is amaranth. Amaranthus is a genus of perennial plants. It is a seed much like Buckwheat. A cup of amaranthus contains no cholesterol. It contains a high quality of protein. It aids neurological function which helps preventing tumor development. The protein in amaranth contains tocotrienols which have anticancer properties. Its compounds play a role in the treatment of cancer. They build healthy cells which are otherwise destroyed in chemotherapy. Also, they stop cancer from spreading.


Millet also has many benefits and is often considered to be a good source to fight cancer. It is also a seed crop. It’s an ideal crop found in many countries. Millet is used as a traditional cereal and is also used in porridge, snacks and other types of bread  It contains vitamins, minerals and organic compounds that can significantly boost human health. It aids in digestion, improves your nutrient retention which reduces chance of more serious gastrointestinal conditions like gastric ulcers or colon cancer. A research suggests that fiber is one of the best and easiest ways to prevent the onset of breast cancer in women. Millet, in fact, reduces the chance of cancer by more than 50%.


Typha is also one of those nutrients that should be taken. It is a perennial herb. Since it is green, it is rich in minerals and nutrients which are good dietaries and  can be used to prevent breast cancer, lung cancer and even the growth of a brain tumor.

Green Gram

Lastly, green grams are also popularly used to treat cancer patients and also to prevent them. Green grams are also known as ‘Mung Beans.’ It is easier to digest amongst all other beans. They consist of high levels of amino acids, oligosaccharides and polyphenols which provide high antioxidant levels. They help fights against tumors.  Also, they have flavonoids vitexin & isovitexin which have high free radical scavenging activities which help lower oxidative stress, the cancer causative factor.

Your diet can have a very impactful effect on your health. Regardless of cancer being a deadly disease, there are nutrients and diet meals available which can help prevent it.

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