How Effective is Ayurveda in Helping Cure Kidney Cancer?

kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is a group of cancers that begins in the kidney. It is also called Renal cancer. Diagnosis of Renal cancer can be based on symptoms, urine testing, and medical imaging. It is confirmed by tissue biopsy.

The main types of Kidney Cancer are

  • Renal cell cancer
  • Wilms Tumor
  • Transitional cell tumor
    Renal Cell cancer makes up for 80% of kidney cancers.

Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer

  • Smoking,
  • Strong Pain medications
  • History of bladder cancer
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Genetic factors
  • Risk factors for Wilms tumor include certain genetic disorders like WAGR syndrome

Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Surgery
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted therapy

Kidney cancer has recently affected about 403,300 people and resulted in 175,000 deaths globally. The onset of the disease is usually after the age of 45. Males are affected more often than females.

Ayurvedic medicine and Cancer

ayurveda and cancer

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine, practiced for thousands of years. According to Ayurveda, with a wide range of treatments and techniques. There is very little proven evidence to support its use as a treatment for cancer. It is a way of practicing medicine through the ancient science of Ayurveda, from diagnosis to treatment, it uses completely organic herbs, plants, and therapies that assist in the treatment of various diseases, in this case, Kidney cancer.

Ayurvedic medicine can include:

  • Minor changes in existing diet and special diets
  • Taking certain Ayurvedic medications/herbs
  • Yoga, breathing, and relaxation techniques
  • Bowel cleansing
  • Herbal therapy
  • Massages
  • Meditation

Understanding the Ayurvedic Process of healing


An Ayurvedic practitioner might suggest suitable treatments depending on the condition. Ayurvedic medicine believes that health problems happen when your mind, body, and spirit are out of balance.
Its therapies and treatments are dedicated to restore balance and maintain the body’s function and emotional stability.
Ayurvedic practitioners believe that a human body is made up of 3 elements known as doshas. These are:
Vata Dosha: Air and space are the elements considered with Vata, it is said to allow movement.
Pitta Dosha: Elements like fire and water are considered Pitta, it allows for change and handles digestion and metabolism.
Kapha Dosha: Elements like water and earth which gives structure or cohesion
These 3 doshas let the body’s organs work together in harmony. They also create your relationship with the environment and universe.

Ayurvedic practitioners believe that health depends on the correct balance of all 3. They claim that combinations of Ayurvedic medicine bring balance and harmony into the body. In order to:

  • Increase energy and wellbeing
  • Relieve stress
  • Prevention and cure of diseases
    Although, there is no scientific evidence to prove that Ayurvedic medicine can treat or cure cancer, or any other disease.

How does it help Cancer Treatment?

People with cancer often take the help of touch therapies such as massage and aromatherapy. According to popular belief, these therapies help them to cope better with cancer, its side effects, and its treatment.

Some herbs or plant treatments used in Ayurvedic medicine could help to prevent or treat cancer.
Ayurvedic medicine. These could include treatments like special diets and herbal remedies.
Yoga, massage, and relaxation can be used to help cope with severe mental stress.
Your examiner will aim to restore or maintain the balance in your health and well-being. They will do it by balancing many external and internal factors in your life.
For a better understanding, they will require your medical history and examine your doshas.
They would want to know about the relationships you share with people and your emotional stability.

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