Boosting Immunity During Cancer Treatment with Rajgeera, Kattu, Singhada, Sanwa, Ragi, and Moong

cancer treatment

Cancer is a debilitating disease. It’s treatment is a really exhausting and tiring process. A suffering person undergoes, Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to get treated. Such surgeries and treatment processes are often followed with side effects, that further deteriorate a patient’s energy level and weaken their immune system. This is where Ayurveda breaks the shackles of conventional medicines, to support a patient in combating a fatal disease like cancer. Ayurvedic diet and herbs work as a supplement to address their energy needs and immunity requirements.

Ayurveda is a science of life that traces back 5000 years ago. And that is why Ayurveda is referred to as the oldest and the most holistic healing approach. Ayurveda believes that the health and wellness of people depend on the delicate link between the mind, spirit, and body. Ayurveda’s critical role in treatment is to promote good health, introduce a balanced diet, and encourage the patient to live a healthy lifestyle.

How Does Cancer Affect the Energy and Immunity of a Patient?

It’s not just cancer but it’s treatment is so exhausting that it significantly impacts the energy and immunity of the patient. However, there are a few cancer symptoms that elevate the issue:

Cancer Fatigue

It does not go unsaid that cancer patients get tired easily. Unlike regular tiredness, cancer fatigue is persistent and worsens with time. It is caused due to extensive therapies and treatments.

Metabolic changes

Cancer patients’ body reacts diabolically to energy consumption systems. Sometimes energy is consumed even when the patient is at rest.

Nutritional deficits

Cancer treatment can reduce the appetite of the patient which leads to poor diet and further fatigue. That is why it is critical for them to take a balanced and healthy diet.


Cancer patients often develop anemia. Either consider it as a part of the disease or the side effect of the treatment. Anemia reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, leading to tiredness and weakness.

Role of Ayurveda Herbs in Cancer Treatment

Ayurvedic herbs have a Vedic and holistic approach to the treatment of cancer. While they cannot replace conventional treatments and medicines, they work as a supplement to provide energy and immunity to the patient’s body. These herbs help in managing the symptoms of the cancer and mitigating the side effects of the cancer treatment to boost immunity and help in overall well-being.

Key Ayurvedic Herbs in Cancer Treatment


Rajgeera is also known as Amaranth. It is an ancient grain that carries a bunch of nutritional properties. This herb is completely rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It specifically contains lysine, which is a type of amino acid. This acid is not commonly found in other grains and helps in tissue repair and immune function. The herb contains bioactive components that work as an anti-inflammatory property.


  • The herb’s highly rich protein content helps muscle mass and recovery that is lost in chemotherapy.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in reducing treatment inflammation.
  • Rich iron helps in preventing anemia.
  • Using Rajgeera in the diet is just as simple as replacing rice or pasta, and maintaining a balanced diet.

Kattu (Barnyard Millet)

Kattu works as an immunity booster. It is also known as Barnyard Millet. Kattu is not commonly known or used but is highly nutritious for cancer patients. The grain is completely gluten-free, highly nutritious, and rich in fiber, B vitamins, and essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.

This grain helps in maintaining a low glycemic index which means that it stabilizes blood sugar levels, which helps in maintaining energy.
The grain has high fiber, which helps in promoting digestive health, which often deteriorates during cancer.

Antioxidants work against oxidative stress and support the immune system.
Barnyard millet can be used in salads, porridge, or as a substitute for other grains in various recipes.


Singhada should be titled as the hydrating superfood. They are not necessarily nuts but water vegetables. They work as a great source of hydration and contain important nutrients like Vitamin B6, Potassium, and manganese.


  • It helps in hydration, as the herb contains a higher water level which is crucial during cancer treatment.
  • Singhada are rich in potassium which is useful in regulating muscle function and helps in maintaining muscle balance.
  • The contents of shinghada are natural and it helps fight infections.
  • Singhada acts like dry fruits, they can be eaten raw, boiled, or can be added to salads.


Sanwa is an energy enhancer. It is a tiny grain that is really easy for our human body to digest. It is packed with multiple nutrients and helps in treating cancer. It is rich in magnesium, which helps the patient by reducing fatigue and stress.

  • It boosts energy by providing carbohydrates, providing a steady energy supply.
  • Magnesium supports muscle repair and function.
  • Sanwa also known as Little Millet, can also be used in a variety of dishes like porridge, upma, baked food etc.


Ragi is also known as the bone strengthener. Finger millet, also called Ragi, is a rich herb that helps in the treatment of cancer. It has a high calcium content, which is important for our bone health. This is for those patients who might face bone density loss as a side effect.

  • The high calcium content supports bone health
  • The fibre-rich property helps in digestive activity
  • Its rich iron level helps in maintaining a healthy hemoglobin level.


  • Mung beans, or moong are a staple and are used by people worldwide. Moong is known for its high nutrient content.
  • Mung beans are rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants.
  • High protein helps in muscle repair and supports the immune system.
  • Antioxidants help in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • They help in digestion.
  • Moong can be added in soups, and salads to get an additional boost.


Cancer patients can incorporate these dietary supplements into their daily diets to maintain a healthy body and curb the side effects of cancer. These food supplements are rich in nutrients that help in reducing exhaustion and boost immunity. As always, consult your doctor and maintain a healthy and balanced life.

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